Adventure Doc Medical Care Anywhere

Team Members

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Existing personnel working with Adventure Doc will be able to access the group specific homepages from this site


  • Adventure Doc Accompaniment

Expedition Doctors and Paramedics accompanying travelers and adventurers in the field to provide 24/7 medical support.


  • Adventure Doc Staffing

Remote and Austere site doctors, physician assistants, paramedics and nurses who staff medical facilities in international, remote or austere areas around the globe.


  • Adventure Doc Clinic

A full-service travel and expedition medicine clinic located in Tucson, Arizona. ADC provides both pre and post travel consultations including a full range of vaccines prescriptions and travel health related medical supplies.


  • Adventure Doc Education

Educational programs, classes, lectures and seminars on international health, travel and expedition medicine and the provision of medical care in remote and austere environments. Our classes are geared to experienced medical providers at the level of paramedic and above.


  • Adventure Doc Facilities

A hybrid team of doctors and architects who specialize in the design and implementation of medical facilities in any location on earth.


  • Adventure Doc Consulting

The Adventure Doc version of special forces who are combined from all other areas of the teams and each bringing their unique specialities to the group. ADCo solves the most difficult remote and austere medical problems on the planet.